The California Review of
Images and Mark Zuckerberg

Being an academic examination of the visual culture of Mark Zuckerberg
Tim Hwang, Editor


Volume One || Winter 2017


Dilara O'Neil - "Mark Zuckerberg's Significant Insignificance"

Reflecting on one early profile photo.

Melissa Lo - "Consequences of the Frame"

On the Instagram acquisition, and images of the workplace.

Ethan Zuckerman - "Zuckerberg and the Imaginary Cosmopolitan"

Thinking about Mark Zuckerberg's favorite map.

Tamara Shepherd - "Neocolonial Intimacies"

About the geopolitics of an awkward hug.

Mél Hogan - "Sweaty Zuckerberg and Cool Computing"

On bodies, hoodies, and a look back at one sweaty interview.

Li Cornfeld - "Fireside Chats, Tech Spectacle, and the Making of Mark Zuckerberg"

Observations on the depiction of men - at desks and on stage.

(Volume Two Available Here)